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[edit] Characters

Information gathered, so far, on all the characters in this story.


[edit] Main Characters

These are the main characters for this alternate reality game. This section will not include the "players".

[edit] Trent

AKA, PunkRawk. The story begins with Trent. He first posted on GamerDNA asking about a friend. He was worried that his friends World of Warcraft account may have been hacked. On top of that, he hasn't had any contact with his friend, Brian. The whispers that Trent received from Brian in WoW were the first clues in this story.

[edit] Lea

AKA, Leaelfadril. At this point, not much is known about Lea. She is friends with Trent and Brian. She is worried about Brian, but doesn't believe that anything strange is going on other than Brian is missing.

[edit] Brian

AKA, Tunguska and Aksugnut. Brian is the missing friend. The details of Brian will be discussed throughout this article.

[edit] Minor Characters

These are minor characters known from the blog. They are mentioned, but have had no contact with the "players".

[edit] Baldy

Also known as "The Russian Newspaper Guy". He is the first suspicious character Brian notices being watched by.

[edit] Trenchcoat

Has long hair, and where's a trenchcoat. Friends with Baldy. Moves into an apartment above Brian's.

[edit] Fat One

Friends with Baldy and Trenchcoat.

[edit] Historical Characters

These characters are not directly in the story. Brian was researching them when he went missing.

[edit] Julian Teng

Witness to the Tunguska Event.

[edit] Basil Gates

Wrote a book about Julian Teng.

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